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JUA Virtual Issue Available: Global Urban Change

Our latest Virtual Issue has been released! Each Journal of Urban Affairs Virtual Issue features previously published content related to one pressing or noteworthy theme. The topic of our May 2016 Virtual issue is Global Urban Change.

The transition from the 20th to the 21st Century has been characterized by processes of rapid urban change, including unprecedented population growth and decline, urban intensification and suburbanization, and major socio-demographic shifts in the spatial structure of cities. This virtual issue of JUA presents innovative theoretical and methodological scholarship examining the physical and social transformation of cities in a global context. It contrasts the conditions of growing and declining cities in the West, explores the unprecedented expansion of Chinese and other Asian urban regions, and examines urban (re)development processes in the neoliberal era, including sociospatial conflicts and struggles over the right to one’s home and neighborhood.

We are excited that some of the authors from this virtual issue have agreed to write blog posts related to their articles, so look for that in the coming days and weeks!

These articles can be accessed without a JUA subscription for a limited time.

Is Detroit Dead?
Peter Eisinger

Urbanization, Land Development, and Land Financing: Evidence from Chinese Cities
Lin Ye and Alfred M. Wu

Suburbanizing Disadvantage in Australian Cities: Sociospatial Change in an Era of Neoliberalism
Bill Randolph and Andrew Tice

Dawn of the Dead City: An Exploratory Analysis of Vacant Addresses in Buffalo, NY 2008-2010
Robert Mark Silverman, Li Yin, and Kelly L. Patterson

Victims or Victors? The Effects of Forced Relocations on Housing Satisfaction in Dutch Cities
Hanneke Posthumus, Gideon Bolt, and Ronald Van Kempen

Castles in Toronto’s Sky: Condo-ism as Urban Transformation
Gillad Rosen and Alan Walks

The New Face of Peri-Urbanization in East Asia: Modern Production Zones, Middle-class Lifestyles, and Rising Expectations
Douglas Webster, Jianming Cai, and Larissa Muller

Contesting the Financialization of Urban Space: Community Organizations and the Struggle to Preserve Affordable Rental Housing in New York City
Desiree Fields


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