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JUA Virtual Issue Available: Immigration, Ethnicity, and Race in the City

Immigration, ethnicity, and race continue to leave a major imprint on the culture, politics, and economy of cities and their suburbs. Rapid sociodemographic change—which especially impacts urban regions—has once again thrust immigration, ethnicity, and race to the forefront of policy and politics throughout North America and Europe. The articles in this virtual issue explore cutting-edge research on the resiliency of immigrants and ethnic and racial groups, who despite their considerable challenges and struggles, continue to shape and reshape urban and suburban landscapes within cities across the West.

The following, previously published JUA articles are included in this virtual issue and can be accessed without a subscription for a limited time.

Intercultural Gardens: The Use of Space by Migrants and the Practice of Respect
Claire Moulin-Doos

The Impact of Ethnic Concentration on Prejudice: The Role of Cultural and Socioeconomic Differences Among Ethnic Neighborhood Residents
Esther Havekes, Marcel Coenders, Karien Dekker, Tanja Van Der Lippe

Geographies of Whiteness and Wealth: White, Middle Class Discourses on Segregation and Social Mix in Flanders, Belgium
Nick Schuermans, Bruno Meeus, Pascal De Decker

Metropolitan Secession and the Space of Color-Blind Racism in Atlanta
Michan Andrew Connor

The Economic Integration of Immigrants and Regional Resilience
T. William Lester, Mai Thi Nguyen

Ethnicity in an Immigrant Gateway City: The Asian Condition in Houston
Anthony Knapp and Igor Vojnovic

Ethnic segregation and xenophobic party preference: Exploring the influence of the presence of visible minorities on local electoral support for the Sweden Democrats
Per Strömblad and Bo Malmberg

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