Our Year Three: Change and Continuity at the JUA

By Igor Vojnovic

We begin our third year with changes to the JUA’s main editorial team. Deirdre Oakley accepted a new role as editor-in-chief of City & Community, so she has stepped down from her position as the JUA’s community development, housing, and urban affairs managing editor. Congratulations Deirdre! Given her role and impact with the JUA over these past three years, we are sad to see her go but certain she will have great success with City & Community. They are very lucky to have you, Deirdre! All the best with your new adventures!

To fill Deirdre Oakley’s shoes, we have been very fortunate to get Deirdre Pfeiffer, from the School of Geographical Sciences & Urban Planning at Arizona State University. Deirdre Pfeiffer is our new community development, housing, and urban affairs managing editor. In addition, Andrew Kirby, from the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University, is joining the team as the JUA’s managing and review editor. His brief includes reviewing manuscripts with scientometric content and papers that provide critical synoptic coverage of thematic urban research, emergent national urban systems, and global linkages.

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