Request for Proposal: Founding Editorship of UAA’s New Journal “Race, Ethnicity and the City”

The Urban Affairs Association (UAA) is delighted to invite applications from individuals or teams for the founding editorship of our new journal, Race, Ethnicity and the City. The initial period of the editorship will be between 1st April 2019 and 31st December 2021, with the option of renewal for a further period, subject to mutual consent.

Key Deadlines

• Letter of Intent – Monday, December 3, 2018

• Full Proposal – Monday, January 14, 2019

• Editorial contract awarded – Monday, April 1, 2019

• Issue #1.1 – March 2020


All parties to a proposed editorial team must be, or be willing to become, individual or institutional members of the Urban Affairs Association. They must demonstrate significant research accomplishments together with intellectual breadth and depth in the inter-linked spheres of race, ethnicity and urban studies, and strong academic management skills. They should be affiliated with an institution, or institutions demonstrating willingness and ability to support the Editorship.


The Urban Affairs Association is delighted to announce that in partnership with Taylor and Francis (Routledge), we will be publishing a new companion journal alongside our successful Association Journal, the Journal of Urban Affairs (JUA). This new journal will be called Race, Ethnicity and the City. It’s core purpose will be to enhance understandings of the urban dimensions of race and ethnicity. It will consider social and racial justice in all empirical and theoretical dimensions and engage with important debates on intersectionality.  It will welcome contributions exploring the complex relationships between race and ethnicity and other vectors of identity including, though not limited to, gender, class, religion, and sexuality. It will encourage debates and advance knowledge about how these phenomena continue to shape our lives, no matter where we reside in the world. Such knowledge cannot be produced within a particular geography or discipline and we are looking for an editorial team capable of ensuring the journal has a global, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary outlook, engaging with critical urban and race theories and both qualitative and quantitative empirical studies of these subjects. The new editorial team will demonstrate exceptional ability to lead and develop this intellectual agenda.

Race, Ethnicity and the City will begin with 2 issues per year, the first to be published by March 2020, and expand to 4 issues per year when submission rates warrant it. The Editor(s) will establish robust editorial policies, including procedures and standards, as well as staffing arrangements. They will report directly to the UAA Governing Board on operational matters, through the Board Chair and UAA Executive Director. On editorial matters, including the structure and content of the journal, the editor(s) and the editorial board will have full operational autonomy from the UAA and its Governing Board, within contractually agreed parameters establishing the purposes of the journal. The Editor(s)will coordinate the entire submission, review, and decision process, and supervise editorial support staff. In addition, the Editor(s) will convene an Editorial Board, which will consist of a diverse range of international scholars and practitioners (see further in details of how to apply). The Editor(s) will work with the Editorial Board, the publisher’s marketing and production staff, and the UAA Executive Office to ensure timely and cost-efficient journal operations. In addition, the Editor(s)will provide review and logistical support for UAA annual best paper and best article awards pertaining to the new journal and appoint a Book Review Editor, or editors, for a concurrent term. Race, Ethnicity and the City will be managed in a fully “on-line” format.

Institutional Support

Race, Ethnicity and the City will be a cooperative arrangement between the UAA and the Editor(s)’ home institution(s). The Editor(s)’ home institution typically provides course releases for the Editor, staff support, and office facilities and equipment. The UAA will provide general funds to the institutional host in support of the editorial office. There are many possible arrangements of the editorial office. For example, the editorial staffing could include the Editor(s)’ partial release from teaching commitments, an editorial assistant (50% part-time commitment), and general clerical support (10% time commitment). Due to variations in staffing and costs within institutional contexts, there is flexibility in the form of support provided by UAA. UAA support payments are made on an annual or bi-annual basis after performance of duties.

Time Period

The new Editor’s term will begin on 1st April 2019 and conclude on 31st December 2021, with the option of a further extension subject to mutual agreement between editor(s) and UAA. The task of the new editor(s) will be to ensure publication of a first edition of Race, Ethnicity and the City by 1st March 2020, in time for the UAA’s 50thAnniversary conference in Washington DC, to be held between 2nd and 4th April 2020.

Training for the New Editor

The new editor(s) will be able to draw on the experiences of the current editorial team of the Journal of Urban Affairs. To aid in training, Taylor & Francis and UAA will cover reasonable travel expenses of the new editor(s) to meet with the JUA editors and the T&F production team in Philadelphia, for a duration of 1-2 days.

Selection Process

The Publications Committee of the UAA will review and evaluate all proposals, seek clarifications and advice from the Executive Director and Board Chair, and make a recommendation to the full UAA Governing Board. The UAA Governing Board will make the final selection, advised by the Executive Director.

To Apply

Applicants should submit a brief Letter of Intent by 3rd December 2018, and full proposals by 14th January 2019. Proposals should be limited to approximately 3,000-4,000 words (about 5-7 pages in length) and should include the following.

• Vision Statement: Goals and plans for the content of Race, Ethnicity of the City. The vision statement should include an explanation of how the Editor(s) see themselves positioning the journal in relation to comparable and competing outlets, and plans to build a successful, high-impact profile in the urban and race/diversity fields.

• Editor/Co-Editor(s) Background Information/Qualifications: Basic information on Editor (or Co-Editors). Include a statement on qualifications, including evidence of the experience and ability of the Editor(s) to provide sound editorial judgment, lead a team, and successfully guide Race, Ethnicity and the City both intellectually and administratively.

• Structure, Management and Responsibilities of the Editorship: A clear description of the division of responsibilities and decision-making authority of the proposed editorship and team structure.  This should include titles, a delineation of tasks associated with each role, and a clear identification of who is accountable for editorial policies, operations, and outcomes. This description also should describe the role and ideal composition of the Editorial Board (given the proposed scope of the journal).

• Editorial Office Budget and Institutional Support: Budget plan for the operations of the editorial office that shows the level (and type) of home institutional support, as well as requested level of UAA support.

• Appendix: Attach current curricula vitae for all proposed members of the Editorial team.

•  Official letter of support: Letter from the host institution indicating its support for the application and the means by which it will support the editor(s).

Editorial Selection Calendar

3rd December 2018 – Letters of Intent Due to the UAA Executive Director, Margaret Wilder (wilder@uaamail.org)

14th January 2019 – Full Proposals Due. Proposals should be submitted electronically in PDF format to the UAA Executive Director, Margaret Wilder (wilder@uaamail.org)

11th February 2019 – Publications Committee submits recommendation to UAA Board and Executive Director

1st March 2019 – Decision from UAA Board. All applicants will be informed of the decision outcome no later than 7th March 2019.

1st April 2019 – Final agreement completed between UAA and new editorial team.

25th April 2019 – Public announcement of Race, Ethnicity and the City and the new editorial team

May or June 2019 – Training session with current JUA editor and Taylor & Francis production team in Philadelphia

1st March 2020 – Publication of first issue in time for UAA 50thAnniversary conference in Washington DC

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