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Free Access Article: Cultural entrepreneurship in U.S. cities (Issue 8)

The following article in the Journal of Urban Affairs, Issue 8 of 2018, is now available as a free access article.

Cultural entrepreneurship in U.S. cities, by Haifeng Qian &Shiqin Liu


The cultural economy and entrepreneurship have been recognized as driving forces for urban and regional economic development. However, the overlap between the two—that is, cultural entrepreneurship—has rarely been studied from a regional perspective. This research focuses on cultural entrepreneurship in U.S. metropolitan areas. We examine the spatial patterns of entrepreneurial activities in cultural industries and identify hot and cold spots across the United States. We also run a multivariate analysis to explore regional factors associated with cultural entrepreneurship. Regression results show both similarities and differences between cultural entrepreneurship and general or high-tech startup activities. Policy implications for culture-based urban development strategies are discussed.

Haifeng Qian is an Assistant Professor in the School of Urban & Regional Planning and Public Policy Center at the University of Iowa.

Shiqin Liu is a PhD Student in Public Policy in the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs at Northeastern University.


The free access article from Issue 7 of 2018 is available now, and can be found here.

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