Online ahead of print| Principles of racial integration vs. perceptions of non-White neighborhoods, by Cassi A. Meyerhoffer & Jessica Kenty-Drane

Please enjoy the following article from the Journal of Urban Affairs, available online prior to print.

Principles of racial integration vs. perceptions of non-White neighborhoods: Comparing hypothetical and real neighborhood choice, by Cassi A. Meyerhoffer & Jessica Kenty-Drane


Using qualitative interview data, we examine the consistency of White residents’ responses to questions about their preferences for the racial composition of their neighborhoods when comparing hypothetical showcards and maps of real neighborhoods in respondents’ cities. This approach allows for an examination of how residents’ preferences for real neighborhoods align with preferences for idealized neighborhoods and the explanations people give when describing their preferences for neighborhoods of color. Data come from qualitative interviews conducted in Buffalo, New York, and Ogden, Utah.

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