special issue

Enjoy temporary free access of our new Special Issue: New Urban Governance

This Special Issue of the Journal of Urban Affairs presents a set of articles regarding new urban governance. Below you will find the table of contents and links to the seven articles in the issue.

All articles currently have free access and are available to read.


1. New urban governance: A review of current themes and future priorities, by Nuno F. da Cruz, Philipp Rode & Michael McQuarrie

2. Urban governance and spatial transformation ambitions in Johannesburg, by Edgar Pieterse

3. Urban planning and transport policy integration: The role of governance hierarchies and networks in London and Berlin, by Philipp Rode

4. Governing green urbanism: The case of Shenzhen, China, by Mee Kam Ng

5. Urban governance in India, by Isher Judge Ahluwalia

6. Multilevel governance as a strategy to build capacity in cities: Evidence from Sweden, by Jon Pierre

7. Urban governance innovations in Rio de Janeiro: The political management of digital innovations, by Bruno Paschoal & Kai Wegrich

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