Enjoy temporary free access of our new Special Issue: China’s New Urban Realities and Development Policies

This Special Issue of the Journal of Urban Affairs presents a set of articles regarding China’s new urban realities and development policies. Below you will find the table of contents and links to the articles in the issue.

Rapid urbanization processes in China have created a series of new urban realities in cities, affecting their physical transformations, economic transitions, and sociodemographic dynamics. This special issue presents six articles that examine various dimensions of urban changes happening in Chinese cities, position their inquiries in China’s unique spatial, institutional, and political contexts and explicitly evaluate the role of state, provincial, and local development policies in shaping such outcomes. Topics include Coordinated Urban-Rural Development (CURD) in mega-city regions; fiscal decentralization and inter-governmental competition; rural-urban migration and migrants’ spatial access to jobs; local land use policy in industrial land expansion; housing investment and stimulus measures in housing supply; as well as temporal, sectoral, and spatial variations of capital investment in urban infrastructure. These articles use detailed case studies and rigorous research methods to demonstrate the uneven growth patterns across and within Chinese cities and among different population groups and inform how policies at different levels of government can potentially address these growth disparities to achieve more efficient and equitable urbanization.

All articles currently have free access and are available to read.


1. From coordinated to integrated urban and rural development in China’s megacity regions, by Chen Chen, Richard LeGates & Chenhao Fang

2. The impact of fiscal decentralization on urban agglomeration: Evidence from China, by Alfred M. Wu, Lin Ye & Hui Li

3. Linking migrant enclave residence to employment in urban China: The case of Shanghai, by Cathy Yang Liu, Jie Chen & Huiping Li

4. Local government intervention, firm–government connection, and industrial land expansion in China, by Zhiji Huang, Canfei He & Han Li

5. Market development, state intervention, and the dynamics of new housing investment in China, by Lan Deng & Jie Chen

6. Patterns of urban infrastructure capital investment in Chinese cities and explanation through a political market lens, by Kangkang Tong, Zhirong (Jerry) Zhao, Richard Feiock & Anu Ramaswami

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