special issue

Enjoy temporary free access of our new Special Issue, Rural Migrants in Transitional Chinese Cities: Marginality, Agency, and Social Justice

This Special Issue of the Journal of Urban Affairs presents a set of articles regarding rural migrants in transitional Chinese cities, with a focus on marginality, agency, and social justice.

. Below you will find the table of contents and links to the eight articles in the issue.

All articles currently have free access and are available to read.


1. Rural migrants in transitional urban China: Marginality, agency and social justice, by
Shenjing He, Junxi Qian & June Wang

2. Unraveling the marginalization of new generation peasant workers in China: Cultural reproduction and symbolic construction, by Kun Wang & Shenjing He

3. Migrants on exhibition: The emergence of migrant worker museums in China as a neoliberal experiment on governance, by Junxi Qian & Junwan’guo Guo

4. The impacts of city-specific factors on social integration of Chinese migrant workers: A study using multilevel modeling, by Ming Tian, Zheng Tian & Wei Sun

5. To move or to stay in a migrant enclave in Beijing: The role of neighborhood social bonds, by Mingjie Sheng, Chaolin Gu & Weiping Wu

6. The return intentions of China’s rural migrants: A study of Nanjing and Suzhou, by Shuangshuang Tang & Pu Hao

7. Economic incentives and settlement intentions of rural migrants: Evidence from China, by Jie Chen & Wei Wanginnovations, by Bruno Paschoal & Kai Wegrich

8. Mixed embeddedness and entrepreneurial activities of rural migrants in the host region: The case of Yuhuan City, China, by Huasheng Zhu, Junwei Feng & Fenghua Pan

Each article will be featured in individual posts in the upcoming weeks, and be sure to check out all of the book reviews published in this Special Issue as well!

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