Available now for download! The final article from our Special Issue regarding rural migrants in transitional Chinese cities, by Huasheng Zhu, Junwei Feng, & Fenghua Pan

This article can be found in the Special Issue of the Journal of Urban Affairs regarding Rural Migrants in Transitional Chinese Cities: Marginality, Agency, and Social Justice.

This article currently has free access and is available to read and download.

Mixed embeddedness and entrepreneurial activities of rural migrants in the host region: The case of Yuhuan City, China, by Huasheng Zhu, Junwei Feng, & Fenghua Pan


This study seeks to investigate how rural migrants from less developed areas survive the hurdles of starting businesses in the host region in China from the perspective of mixed embeddedness. Based on 40 interviews via a snowballing survey strategy in Yuhuan City, Zhejiang Province, it is shown that rural migrant workers (RMWs) create their own enterprises through social and institutional embeddedness. Rural migrants can benefit from social embeddedness, particularly by developing relationships with local entrepreneurs and managers in local firms and other rural migrant entrepreneurs (RMEs) in their entrepreneurial activities. Further, it is also important for RMEs to embed institutionally in the host region in various ways. RMEs have been inspired by the local entrepreneurial tradition and culture of Yuhuan. In addition, the policies of both the host region and RMEs’ hometowns have impacts on their entrepreneurial activities. Interestingly, RMEs can improve their institutional embeddedness by participating in the joint public governance on RMWs initiated by the hometown government.

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