Interested in challenges facing cities of color? Take a look at this article by Leora Waldner, Kristine Stilwell, & Russell M. Smith

Please enjoy the following article from the Journal of Urban Affairs, available online.

Wither or thrive: Post hoc municipal incorporation outcomes in new cities of color, by Leora Waldner, Kristine Stilwell, & Russell M. Smith


Between 1990 and 2010, 44 new cities of color (CoCs) formed in the United States. Yet what happens after incorporation, particularly in new CoCs that form in impoverished communities? Did these cities meet an untimely demise and dissolve, as some critics predicted, or did the new cities thrive? This research explores four new Black-majority cities in the South, using archival media research to probe the cities’ post hoc incorporation outcomes. The research suggests that these new CoCs faced common challenges, from initial revenue shortfalls to intergovernmental relations. The case studies also reveal that all 4 new cities appear to be thriving, despite challenges initially so severe that, in some cases, they threatened the new cities’ viability. New city formation does appear to hold promise as a social justice tool for communities of color, though a trade-off may exist in the form of property and other tax increases.

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