Want to know more about how Interstate Highways had an impact on the Civil Rights Movement? Take a look at this article by Rebecca Retzlaff

Please enjoy the following article from the Journal of Urban Affairs, available online.

Interstate highways and the civil rights movement: The case of I-85 and the Oak Park neighborhood in Montgomery, Alabama, by Rebecca Retzlaff


On June 29, 1956, while the bus boycott was taking place in Montgomery, Alabama, President Eisenhower signed legislation to create the Interstate Highway System. Alabama Highway Director Sam Engelhardt, a White supremacist, located Interstate 85 through the only middle-class neighborhood that was available for African Americans in Montgomery, home to civil rights leaders Ralph Abernathy and George Curry, and next to Alabama State University, a historically Black university that was the center of civil rights activity in Montgomery. The article argues that the decision to locate I-85 sought to displace the leaders of the civil rights movement and middle-class African American registered voters.

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