Do you have an interest in public art projects and their representation in urban public spaces? Take a look at this article by Andrew Zitcer and Salina M. Almanzar

Please enjoy the following article from the Journal of Urban Affairs, available online.

Public art, cultural representation, and the just city, by Andrew Zitcer and Salina M. Almanzar


Recent controversies around public art demonstrate that cultural representation in urban public space is enormously consequential. Given that urban planners and policymakers are often involved in the design, siting, approval, and maintenance of such works, this article argues for more effective ways to evaluate potential public art projects and adjudicate conflicts that arise regarding existing works. The authors propose a novel visual rubric as a guide to decision making, one that questions the appropriateness of the time, place, and voice of a given work. Using examples from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a pioneering city in the field of public art, the authors explore how such a rubric might elevate planning and policymaking for the public realm and foster the just city.

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