Would you like to learn more about urban activism? Check out Christian Fröhlich’s new article, set in contemporary Russia

Please enjoy the following article from the Journal of Urban Affairs, available online.

Urban citizenship under post-Soviet conditions: Grassroots struggles of residents in contemporary Moscow, by Christian Fröhlich


This paper studies local urban activism in contemporary Russia and relates neighborhood protests and urban citizenship to conflicts over housing-related public space. It situates Moscow as a cumulative space of post-Soviet neoliberal and authoritarian urban development and shows how and why Muscovites have opposed this development by engaging in local grassroots initiatives. The empirical analysis employs data from interviews with participants in two neighborhood protests against unwanted construction in their districts. It reveals patterns of active citizenship related to a rights-based approach to the living environment, the rejection of mainstream politics, and the building of new solidarity-based communities. Russian residents are voicing their dissent and building solidarity in their local living environments while innovatively navigating a highly limited public sphere and insisting on their right to participate in urban governance.

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