REMINDER: The call for Papers deadline is coming up on November 15th for the Journal of Urban Affairs (JUA) Special Issue: The Arts and the City

Guest editors:

– Eleonora Redaelli, Associate Professor, University of Oregon

– Deborah Stevenson, Professor, Western Sydney University

Aim and theme of the issue:

What is the role of the arts in the city? The literature in urban cultural policy has engaged with this question from the perspectives of different disciplines, with debates often gravitating around concepts such as the creative city, cultural planning, cultural mapping, creative placemaking, and the creative industries.

This special issue aims to contribute to this literature by calling for original papers that will empirically examine or conceptually extend our understanding of the connections between the arts and the city. The special issue will bring together scholars from a range of disciplines and present case studies from diverse geographical settings. In exploring how cities around the world have framed and used the arts both overtly and more subtly, this special issue will contribute to debates focused on:

1. Analyzing how the arts are defined in specific projects in cities around the world

2. Considering the contributions of the arts and creativity to urban revitalization placemaking;

3. Probing the complexity of the arts, including considering any negative impacts the use of art may have on place identity;

4. Examining the role of the arts and culture in building equitable communities and robust local economies.

Interested authors should submit their manuscript first to the guest editors by email (redaelli@uoregon.edu) by November 15, 2019. Following an initial review to confirm the manuscript meets the aims of the special issue, instructions for formal submission to Scholar One for peer review will be provided.

Questions about the journal, special issue, or suitability of a particular manuscript or idea can be directed to Eleonora Redaelli at redaelli@uoregon.edu.


– November 15, 2019 Initial submissions by email (redaelli@uoregon.edu). Editors will select papers and provide comments

– December 30, 2019 Selected papers submitted by authors into JUA system for peer reviews

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