Would you like to learn more about gentrification and displacement in Mexican-American communities? Take a look at this article by Emanuel Delgado & Kate Swanson

Please enjoy the following article from the Journal of Urban Affairs, available online.

Gentefication in the barrio: Displacement and urban change in Southern California, by Emanuel Delgado & Kate Swanson


Located at the edge of downtown San Diego, Barrio Logan is a neighborhood undergoing rapid gentrification. With a host of new breweries, galleries and cafés, this traditionally working-class, Mexican American community is being rebranded as the latest hotspot for cutting-edge arts and “authentic” local culture. Some support this change as gentefication. The word gentefication is a play on la gente (“the people” in Spanish) and suggests grassroots, Latino-led redevelopment of the community. In this paper, we draw from interviews with local residents, artists, business owners, and developers to explore the contradictions inherent in the gentrification of Barrio Logan. We argue that while gentefication signifies an attempt to rewrite urban space in a more culturally inclusive manner, it remains a discursive tool that leads to ongoing displacement of the racialized poor.

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