Open Call for Papers: the Journal of Race, Ethnicity and the City

The Urban Affairs Association is delighted to announce our new journal, the Journal of Race, Ethnicity and the City (JRE).We are making an open call for papers to be submitted to the journal.

The journal will:

  • Serve as an outlet for ground-breaking theoretical and empirical approaches that explore race, ethnicity, identity and social justice;
  • Examine the complex relations between race, ethnicity and other vectors of identity, including gender, class, religion and sexuality;
  • Explore the influence of these complexities in shaping the social, economic, political, environmental, and cultural dimensions of urban spaces;
  • Deconstruct the role of colonial and post-colonial practices and discourses on race and ethnicity in shaping the urban spaces of everyday life within a global context;
  • Expand the global discourse on race, ethnicity and other vectors of identity;
  • Promote interdisciplinary and comparative insights into race and ethnicity.

We are particularly interested in groundbreaking theoretical, empirical and engaged scholarship manuscripts that meet the aims and scopes of the journal and set the tone for future issues of the JRE. We invite manuscripts based on original empirical work, as well as review articles and shorter perspective pieces. At this time, we particularly welcome original articles (with a word count of around 8,000 words). Please see further guidance for authors here.

Submission Guidelines

When you are ready to submit a manuscript, please log into our online system:  https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/ujre

For further questions, please contact the editors at jre.editor@uaamail.org.

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