Would you like to learn more about building community resilience through urban commons? Take a look at this article by Arthur Feinberg, Amineh Ghorbani, & Paulien M. Herder

Please enjoy the following article from the Journal of Urban Affairs, available online.

Commoning toward urban resilience: The role of trust, social cohesion, and involvement in a simulated urban commons setting, by Arthur Feinberg, Amineh Ghorbani, & Paulien M. Herder


In this paper, we investigate the potential of urban commons for building community resilience. We focus on the issue of adaptability to socio-ecological issues, which depends on the social capital built by the local community of practice. We measure this capital through the variables of volunteer involvement, perceived trust, and social cohesion in an agent-based model, which simulates the dynamics of participation in collective activities. We anchor our model with the case of KasKantine in Amsterdam, a cooperative and restaurant run by volunteers. Our model shows that both trust and social cohesion emerge from the interactions in the cooperative, especially when group sizes are kept small. This contributes to the adaptability of such social-ecological systems, helping their communities build social resilience.

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