Special Issue Preview: Cities, Networks, and Urban Policy

Articles from our current Special Issue, Cities, Networks, and Urban Policy, are available for download now! Please see all the links below for an introduction to all of our articles in this issue.


By Guest Editor: Zachary Neal (Michigan State University) and Ben Derudder (Ghent University)

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Research on cities and networks at both the local (e.g. neighborhood social networks) and global (e.g. finance, trade, etc.) scales has expanded dramatically over the past several decades. The earliest waves of empirical research on urban networks were descriptive, while more recent work has sought explanations of the causes and consequences of these networks. However, the implications of urban networks for urban policy has remained relatively unexplored. This special issue brings together ten empirical studies of urban networks, at a range of scales and in a range of contexts, that offer an initial exploration into the intersections of cities, networks, and urban policy.

Table of Contents

1. Using urban networks to gain new insight into old questions: Community, economy, bureaucracy, by Zachary Neal, Ben Derudder & Xingjian Liu

2. Minority-White income inequality across metropolitan areas: The role of racial/ethnic residential segregation and transportation networks, by Joseph Galaskiewicz, Kathryn Freeman Anderson & Kendra Thompson-Dyck

3. Using big data to examine the effect of urbanism on social networks, by Cheng Wang, Omar Lizardo & David S. Hachen

4. The same place but different: How neighborhood context differentially affects homogeneity in networks of different social groups, by Marina Tulin, Beate Volker & Bram Lancee

5. Threads across the urban fabric: Youth mentorship relationships as neighborhood bridges, by Clio Andris, Xi Liu, Jessica Mitchell, James O’Dwyer & Jeremy Van Cleve

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Sample screenshot from the introductory video linked above.

6. Multimodal transport and potential encounters with social difference: A novel approach based on network analysis, by Jose Carpio-Pinedo

7. A global community or a global waste of time? Content analysis of the Facebook site “Humans of New York”, by Elena Vesselinov, Sebastián F. Villamizar-Santamaría, Charles J. Gomez & Eva M. Fernández

To watch a special video presentation from these authors click here!

Sample screenshot from the introductory video linked above.

8. Which scale matters? Rethinking cultural industry development policies from a city network perspective, by Xu Zhang & Kunlun Chen

9. From city networks to network economies: Revisiting the effects of urban form in the knowledge-based economy, by Laura Narvaez Zertuche & Howard Davis

10. “Networked coalitions” as metropolitan governance: Lessons from the emergence of Australia’s Committees for Cities and Regions, by Thomas J. Sigler, Clare M. Mouat, Glen Searle & Kirsten Martinus

11. Local politicians’ advice networks and the prospect of metropolitan civil society, by Eric S. Zeemering

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