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Book Review Preview: The Roots of Urban Renaissance

The Roots of Urban Renaissance: Gentrification and the Struggle Over Harlem, by Brian D. Goldstein. Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 2017 Reviewed by Dennis E. Gale, Stanford University Novelist Ralph Ellison wrote in the mid-1960s that New York City’s Harlem was “a slum,” and “a ruin,” composed not only of the “spires and crosses of churches,” but,… Continue reading Book Review Preview: The Roots of Urban Renaissance

book review

Book Review Preview: Creating Cities

Creating Cities/Building Cities by Peter Karl Kresl with Daniele Ietri. Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2017 By Dennis E. Gale, Stanford University Author Kresl sets out to examine “the ways in which, over time, architecture has been used to define and redefine a city, both visually and functionally, and to enhance its competitiveness.”… Continue reading Book Review Preview: Creating Cities


Arab Cities Conference 2019

Call for Papers  Cities of the Arab World: Theory, Investigation, Critique February 14-16, 2019 Global Urban Studies Program, Michigan State University Contemporary Arab cities are dynamic entities within and through which larger national, regional and global political-economic, technological and cultural forces interact. Global discourses of urban development and redevelopment, for example, contribute to traumatic dislocations in… Continue reading Arab Cities Conference 2019